10 Communities for SaaS Founders & Investors

10 Communities you should join as a SaaS Founder or Investor Community has always played a big part in building a SaaS company. Whether you want to connect with users, get market feedback or raise your next vital investment round. In 2021, community building plays an even bigger part in determining the success of your […]

Getting to your first investor meeting

Getting to the first meeting: 3 Factors to consider when fundraising “Software is eating the world” According to Accel’s Euroscape 2021, private cloud companies in the US, Europe, and Israel have raised a whopping $78B YTD. The rise of distributed cloud infrastructure and no/low-code platforms has meant it’s never been easy for people to launch […]

3 Hurdles to Fundraising as a Founder

3 Hurdles to Fundraising as a Founder It’s no news to anyone, SaaS has been thriving!  The pandemic and the shift towards remote work has forced a lot of companies to move away from on-premise working and adopt cloud-based tools to keep business running as usual.  …And it looks like SaaS is here to stay. Bessemer’s […]