Tech Stack for Fundraising Founders

Getting funding for your startup is never easy. It’s hard to even know where to start looking, but thankfully there’s a new class of tools that can support you with your fundraising efforts.


This ebook will help you map out just how to leverage them, including an overview of the tools available for founders seeking investment.

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Why does a Fundraising Techstack matter?
Building and scaling a startup isnt easy. As a founder, you have to spin a lot of plates from Sales, Marketing, Product, Hiring… and securing investment is very time consuming at every step of the process. 

But, after speaking with the countless Founders that have successfully raised at SaaStock events over the years. It became clear to us that leveraging the right tools can help you save vital time and resources.

Keeping that in mind, we have handcrafted a “Techstack” that can support you at every step of the fundraising process. So you can get back to building a great SaaS company.
Why does a Fundraising Techstack matter?
Developers and tech people these days have an arsenal of software, apps, and platforms to build and monitor their products, work on business processes and effectively monitor growth. This collection of tools is manifested as “tech stack”.

Raising funds for your start-up is never easy. Be it the initial stages of Fundraising or knee-deep in the process, it’s always a head-scratcher. To help smooth out the whole process, a list of tools is all you need to get through the entire process without any hiccups and that’s why we named it as “Techstack for Fundraisers”.
What’s in it for you?

Fundraising Checklist

A walk through all the steps you need to follow to get an investment or your startup.

The Tool Arsenal

There are so many amazing resources to learn from. We have curated the ‘Tool List’ from the best founders and investors for you.

The Fundraiser Hack

Collection of the best tips and tricks from the tools across the eight categories and much more!

This ebook is brought to you by Ventroduce

A platform inspired from the concept of Networking from SaaStock, Ventroduce works towards connection fundraising founders and (potential) investors.

SaaStock is Europe’s largest B2B SaaS Conferences and go-to event for Founders to meet their next Investors. Over the last 6 years, SaaStock has built one of the largest software investor networks (Ventroduce) and seen a dozen of funding rounds come to life.

Start growing with Ventroduce today
With tools to make every part of your process more accessible and a team that is excited to help you, getting started with fundraising has never been easier.

Identify the tech stack that will accelerate your fundraising journey
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