How to build a stronger VC network while saving time?

Raise funding for your startup with fewer fundraising meetings.

While you’re finding, reaching out and booking meetings with the Investors. It’s easy to get caught up and take as many meetings as possible. But the truth is, many won’t be a good fit or lead to a term sheet. Meanwhile, you’re burning time.. and more importantly runway.

Tissa Richards,a technology entrepreneur and columnist from, points to the inefficiency of multiple meetings: lack of unified approach. To scale your meetings into capital, you have to narrow the gap with an efficacious framework.

Here is how you can use Ventroduce to bridge the gap between your fundraising efforts and acquiring capital for your startups.

We bent a few of the conventional rules to help founders jump the hurdles in startup fundraising because your time should  be spent growing your company.

Get Inbound Interests

Most funds get a lot of inbound . Your well-crafted outreach remains cold until it gets lost in other promotional messages. Instead, imagine if an investor reaches out voluntarily to invest in your startup. The whole conversation will be binding.

Ventroduce empowers the founders through the inbound methodology. The platform allows investors to ping on your profile. We aim to decrease the number of cold email messages that founders write to raise funding.

Meet Qualified Investors

You will only find pre-vetted Investors using Ventroduce. We onboard funders that are looking to deploy capital by taking a more sophisticated approach to deal sourcing.

You will also get a better understanding of how all the funds approach investing with detailed insights into their thesis. Using the Investor index, you can find those actively deploying capital in your market and at your stage.

Network With Efficiency

Building deep networks is a crucial part of a founder’s journey. When done right, networking takes your fundraising game to another level. A single quality connection can have more of a business impact than 20 superficial ones and that’s why Ventroduce focuses on connecting you with the right Investors.

This platform is supported by SaaStock – a global B2B SaaS events, media, and membership company. They’ve spent 7 years building deep networks in SaaS, so you don’t have to. 


Building the right investor network requires a lot of time and energy. But, connecting with those that have similar domain expertise as you can be invaluable and also save you time. We understand that this is extremely difficult – especially if you have limited exposure to investors.. But that no longer has to be a hurdle with Ventroduce turning the tables and helping your company stand out.

Good luck with your fundraising journey

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