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“Great seed stage companies listed on the platform and that has been a challenge with many other fundraising platforms.
Quality of the data is great as it’s directly linked to SaaStock”

Jesse Heasman, Pref Capital

insights on a thriving European SaaS ecosystem

Discovering your next investment requires the right network, the right data, and more importantly, the right access to founders.

But, curating these takes a long time and, in some cases, an entire team. 


Increase visibility and build relationships with some of the biggest funds in European SaaS ecosystem


Know the startup’s performance inside out from the metrics submitted directly by the founders and CEOs


Gain access to a pool of early stage European SaaS founders and engage only with the relevant ones

Insight Driven Investment

Leverage the platform to identify the potential founders, invest in their current, and future ROI.

It is difficult to find the founders that are building exceptional SaaS companies with scalable ROI opportunities

No Credit Card Required


Built by SaaStock – who has spent 6 years building one of the largest networks in the European SaaS ecosystem.


You can access the right reports that give you the power to make an insight driven investment. 


Leverage our market position to increase your visibility & get high-quality investment opportunities.

Investor Portfolio

What do investors say?

Great concept. Love the simple UI too – easy for everyone to use and not overly complicated unnecessarily.

Thomas Smale
CEO of FE International, Inc


Typically we see early stage companies operating a SaaS model. Mainly Seed/ Series based in Europe & North America

Ventroduce is a product powered by SaaStock, Europe’s largest B2B SaaS conference.

SaaStock has well established networks in the European B2B SaaS ecosystem. Ventroduce is well integrated into the SaaStock channels and we use this as our primary channel to source. fundraising companies. Learn more about here 

No. We believe that to invest in B2B startup, perception is the key. Each Investor holds a unique decision making skills that comes from their extensive experience. We strive to provide the support by showcasing   relevant and enough data so that you can make your own decisions without any intervention in your freedom of thoughts.

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