Our data
Ventroduce works directly with founders to make sure our data is accurate and up-to-date

How we get our data

Ventroduce is a sourcing service based on well-defined and extensive channels in B2B SaaS. We're powered by SaaStock which is the leading media, memberships, and events company supporting B2B SaaS founders globally on their journey to $10M in ARR.
A big part of this journey is successfully raising financing from the right investors. Ventroduce works directly with founders and leadership teams by providing a platform for companies to signal that they’re ready to fundraising.

Community Partners

Our global community partners host of executives, entrepreneurs and Investors on a yearly basis through conference,s memberships and peer groups. These premium communities of pre-vetted SaaS founders that are hosted on our fundraising platform

Accelerator Partners

Global and local accelerator programs host their successful graduates on Ventroudce to increase companies exposure to downstream investment. Giving opportunities for our Investor community to have access to more pre-vetted deals.

ESI Partners

Early-stage Investors (Angels and Pre-seed funds) refer their the companies that are in their portfolio’s so that they can submit performance updates.

What the data looks like





Access to data
Increases visibility
Easy collaboration
360 degree on performance metrics
Market research report
Team dynamics insights
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