10 Communities for SaaS Founders & Investors

Community has always played a big part in building a SaaS company. Whether you want to connect with users, get market feedback or raise your next vital investment round.

In 2021, community building plays an even bigger part in determining the success of your SaaS. Around every product, you evangelists that act peer support, share your product via word of mouth and add social validity to your product. 

I’ve curated a handful of communities where SaaS founders & investors live. These are all great places to start building your own network.   

Founders & Investors · Slack · 5.1k Members

InnovatorsRoom is a global network of founders, investors and innovators.  You’ll find curated jobs, events, learning and networking opportunities. Where members can better support each other.

The community lives on Slack. The channels are filled with highly engaged members that post dealflow, relevant resources, ‘asks’ for expert level advice or job in top VC firms.

Founders · Native Platform · Private Members

SaaStock hosts Europes largest B2B SaaS conference. They regularly attract some of the best founders, execs & investors in SaaS. Amongst this, they also have a private Founder-only community dedicated to scaling to $10M ARR. 

SFM members have quoted that the weekly workshops have been pivotal to their business. After attending a few by Chris Walker, Kyle Poyar & Nelson Gilliat, I can see why.  

Founders · Facebook · 10.8k Members

This is a focused SaaS group about building software users love. Members discuss what’s working for them as SaaS founders, share tips and answer questions on scaling a SaaS business.

The community is built as a Facebook group. This is a fantastic group to connect with UX/UI thinkers. Both the admins and members have a high degree of focus/ knowledge on the subject.  

Investors · Slack · 11k Members

Gen Z VC is a collective of 11,000+ young VCs, angel investors, founders, startup enthusiasts. The aim is to make VC more transparent and be a hub of venture collaboration amongst the next generation of Investors.

Startup investing & VC has an inherent barrier to entry for young people where your network = your chances for success. What I like about this community is that allows people without that network to get started in this world. 


Founders · Facebook · 6k Members

SaaS Revolutionaries is a curated group for SaaS founders, executives, and investors. The aim of this community is to connect SaaS leaders on a global scale, fostering opportunities to learn and grow within the SaaS community. Th group is a safe space for ideas and discussion
What I like is that group admins are very quick to remove spam/overtly promotative posts. Instead, they have 1 day a week where members share links to what they are working 

Investors · Slack · 1.4k Members

500vc is a curated community of thousands of vetted tech investors from around the world. The aims for this community are to help connect the world of VC, share access to deal flow & guidance via 1:1 mentorship.

This is a vetted community that has a required application process. This is great as it means that all members are fully bought into the community’s aims of providing value. 

These are just a few of the great communities out there – whether you’re looking for advice, resources, users or to raise funding. The right group can be life changing… You can find the full list below.


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